March 14, 2013

Sofya is ONE

Sofya turned one last Saturday. Nope! No party. Ordered a beautiful ( and delicious!) rainbow cake to be enjoyed with the family.

We spent the morning at my uncle's kenduri. Then went to the swimming pool in the afternoon. Sofya was on duty as the poolside girl, lol! And when we collected her cake at BakesNBites, she was fast asleep. When we all sang 'Happy Birthday' she slept through it and didn't move a bone. Haha! By the time she woke up and posed with her cake, it was half gone!

To our dearest princess, mami & ayah doakan Sofya menjadi anak yg solehah, di dalam keredhaan Allah sentiasa. Moga kebahagiaan sentiasa bersamamu. Amin.

1 comment:

  1. happy birthday to your girl. Beautiful cake, please share where to order?



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